Friday, November 20, 2009

New Moon Party Food

We met at a friends for a New Moon party before going to the midnight opening show.  My cute friend Desiree had her house decorated as "Bella's Birthday Party."

I had lots of fun dressing up for this movie!

*Did you have a New Moon party?
*Are you team Edward or Team Jacob?


  1. Do you like things cold or HOT? LOL

  2. That is awesome!!! I love the theme of doing it as Bella's birthday party! What did you think of the movie? I'm going tonight with Ann and my mom and SIL. Was it good? I am team jacob all the way!!!

  3. I am so glad I bumped into your blog. You have some delicious sounding and looking recipes. I love the Twilight ideas. My eight year old just discovered Twilight and is hooked. It is all she talks about. I can't wait to make her some of your Twilight goodies. She will be so excited!! Thanks.

  4. Oh I forgot one item...TEAM JACOB!!


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