Monday, November 9, 2009

Menu Plan Monday

Monday:  tacos, beans and rice, green salad, Sweet Potato Fries

Tuesday:  Chicken Pillows, rice pilaf, apples with Toffee Chip Apple Dip

Wednesday:  Creme Brulee French Toast, bacon

Thursday: Chicken with Lemon Caper Cream Sauce, asparagus, side of rice or pasta

Friday:  Tin foil dinners (hopefully up the canyon)

Saturday: Leftover buffet

What r u cooking this week?


  1. Oh Wendi...if I only knew?! I have been awful this month. Thanks for the reminders and motivation! Jen
    ps...all of your food looks YUMMY!

  2. HI there, I've been enjoying your blog for a few weeks. I like the new blog and layout that you have, however, the dark background color makes it hard to read the text. I always have to pull my laptop up real close to read it. Maybe it's just my computer, but thought I'd let you know. Other that, love the new blog.


  3. It is a little hard. I'll see if I can figure out how to lighten it. :)

  4. Very very nice blog!
    I don't know about the whole week,
    but I know what I'm gonna do today:
    Garlic Butter Noodles!
    and I can't wait for it!

  5. thank you! that is much easier to read. Off, to read more of your posts....


  6. Gosh...I sure wish I was that organized! I am kinda of a 'free spirit' when it comes to what I will make for the week. But the grocery list usually has enough of the basic items in it that I can create something new all the time. I love that my pantry is pretty well stocked too. You 'chefs' that organize...I am so envious!


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